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LifeCare Residences is an internationally renowned retirement community operator, with over 30 years’ experience dedicated to enriching lives. With a commitment to providing outstanding care, authentic choice and unrivalled hospitality and facilities that are of five-star hotel quality.

LifeCare Residences is a founding member of ARCO, where there are currently 31 members, representing more than 300 retirement communities in the United Kingdom.

LifeCare Residences has been leading the way in creating purpose-built homes in retirement communities throughout New Zealand, and is now spearheading this concept in the UK.
We are both a founding and leading member of the industry association, ARCO (Associated Retirement Community Operators), which promotes retirement communities for older people. ARCO was formed in September 2012 and seeks to ensure that all members provide a high quality service to their customers and residents. We are an Approved Operator under the ARCO Consumer Code. We aim to meet and exceed their standards of service and compliance and are constantly striving to drive the retirement community industry to higher levels of quality and probity.