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Why do people choose to live in a retirement community?

Residents already living at a LifeCare Residences retirement community tell us they enjoy:
· The companionship and social interaction that thrives in the community
· The sense of safety due to the added level of security
· The reassurance of knowing that assistance is near at hand, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
· Removing the burden of home and garden maintenance
· Access to a range of facilities for their enjoyment
· The freedom to lock-up and go away on holiday without having to worry about their home
· The fact that all our properties and facilities are purpose-built

Who are LifeCare Residences?

LifeCare Residences Limited is a specialist provider of retirement communities in the United Kingdom. The founder of one of New Zealand’s major listed retirement community operators is the major shareholder in LifeCare Residences and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise from 30 years’ success pioneering retirement communities overseas. LifeCare Residences takes a fresh approach to providing purpose built housing for people over the age of 65, offering residents an independent lifestyle in their own home, with access to an extensive range of high quality facilities, and 24-hour nursing care and emergency assistance, if required. We manage all aspects of our retirement communities, we do not sub-contract services out to 3rd party operators, this is the way we ensure we run ‘Exceptional Retirement Communities’.

What budget considerations do I need to plan for?

Buying an apartment from LifeCare Residences enables you to own your own home in retirement, with access to exclusive facilities, care and services on your doorstep.
You buy your apartment on a long leasehold: there is a service charge payable monthly: and there is a Deferred Membership Fee payable at the end of your stay – out of the proceeds of selling your apartment.
In other words, you can enjoy the benefits of living in a retirement community now but don’t have to pay for all of it until later. Budgeting becomes more straightforward.
It is important to us that you live a fulfilling retirement, free from financial worry and we believe the solutions offered by LifeCare Residences provide for an independent and friendly environment for all our residents to enjoy.

Do residents pay for capital improvements to the Village?

It is entirely the landlord’s responsibility to assess the need to keep the village in good condition and up to date. The costs are borne entirely by the landlord and recovered, depending on the village, from either the service charge or the Deferred Membership Fees. These needs are assessed at least once a year as part of the annual budgeting process, and the Residents Committee is consulted as appropriate.

Is a Ground Rent payable?

No. We have never charged ground rents.

Can I make alterations to my home?

It is possible to make non-structural alterations to your home. However all changes will need the consent of LifeCare Residences. We will review every request on its merits and document any agreement with you swiftly. Under the terms of the Lease, alterations may be required to be reinstated when you leave. Given the nature of the buildings, it will not be possible to make major structural alterations to your home.

What is the procedure when it is time to sell my apartment?

We employ our own internal specialist sales and marketing team. We are in the best position to handle the sale of your apartment due to their experience and in-depth understanding of the benefits and facilities LifeCare Residences offer. This will help you achieve the optimal price for the property within a reasonable time.

What assistance will be available should I need it?

All apartments are fitted with emergency call technology providing access to assistance 24 hours, seven days a week. We offer a full continuum of hospitality and care which means that you can access additional domiciliary and personal care services whilst remaining in your own apartment, if your needs change. These services are provided at our standard tariff and can range from room service meals, shopping, maintenance, domestic or personal care through to full personal or nursing care delivered in your own home.

What happens to my home when I go on holiday?

This is your home, so you have the freedom to come and go as you please. We will maintain the grounds and general security so you can have total peace of mind while you are away.

Can my friends and family stay with me?

Yes. Your apartment is your own home so naturally you can have visitors to stay up to 30 days at a time. Your guests may use any of the retirement community facilities when you accompany them.

Can I bring my four-legged friend?

Yes, normally you will be able to bring most small pets to our villages. You will need the Manager’s prior approval to keep a pet as we also need to consider the needs of other residents’, staff and the retirement community environment.