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Healthcare professionals


Our nursing homes are dedicated to providing your patient with the care, service and attention that they deserve: one that you, as their healthcare professional, can be confident in. Our Gold Standard-trained nurses offer around-the-clock care, catering for a variety of complex care needs, whilst working with you, your patient and their families to ensure individual needs are met to the highest standard.

We aim to make the referral of your patient to the Albert Suites a smooth and easy process. You can refer a patient directly using either our online referral form, or by calling our dedicated number T. 020 7129 7856. Upon receipt of your patient’s details, one of our team will complete a face-to-face or telephone assessment with them. This ensures we are fully prepared for their visit and that their initial needs are catered for (prior to their arrival at the Somerleigh Court).

Online referral:


020 7129 7856

We offer individually-tailored rehabilitation, provided by a team of highly-skilled physiotherapists, all within the comfortable setting of the Albert Suites.

Our residents often come for rehabilitation following general surgery, elective/traumatic orthopaedic surgery or reduced mobility following a fall.

We endeavor to provide a holistic approach to their rehabilitation to facilitate a smooth recovery and ease of transition from hospital-to-home.


Highly skilled physiotherapists

Physiotherapy assistant

Individual exercise programmes

Close links with private hospitals and community

Physiotherapists for onward referral (on discharge)

One-to-one sessions
with a physiotherapist

Occupational therapy
(as required)

(as required)

Off-site hydrotherapy

Mobility aids (e.g. frames, walking sticks, crutches) and small scale adaptive equipment for home
(e.g. toilet seats, commodes)

Specifically-designed gym equipment for health rehabilitation

Saturday physiotherapy
(on request)